Zak Morgan’s Newest Groupie

Stella has been fortunate to have Zak Morgan as her school’s Artist in Residence for a few weeks.  And I was even lucky enough to have my volunteer day in January be the same day she had a session with Zak Morgan.  His program was “designed to encourage our kids to unleash their imaginations”.  The kindergarten classes learned all about alliteration (a series of words all starting with the same letter).   The day I volunteered Stella’s class wrote a silly song with him about Stella spying on a snake in a suit.  There were a LOT of “S” words going on!

Last week Stella’s school had a Literacy Night that was combined with a Zak Morgan concert to celebrate the collaboration between him and the students during the past month.  Stella and Henry…and Charlotte (no photo) LOVED the concert.

Don’t know much about Zak Morgan?  Eek!  Well, you can read his formal bio on his website.  But basically, he is a great entertainer focused on children’s music that even makes adults laugh.  He is located here in Cincinnati, but well-known around the country and was also nominated for a GRAMMY!

Stella LOVES his songs and laughs, giggles, and sings-along like crazy (she’s a total groupie now…scroll back up and catch that picture of her again).  You can watch some of his music on his YouTube channel.  I HIGHLY recommend you watch his video “The Case of the Dry Markers” which features Bootsy Collins.  It’s a great one.



Zak Morgan also provides music study guides on his website.  I guarantee Stella is going to use some of the sheet music in her piano lessons once she discovers them!  You can find all of his albums and his DVD for sale online.  Want to check him out first?
Locals – You can catch Zak Morgan twice this month
TODAY, March 2nd he is performing at 2:00 at the Blue Manatee
And next weekend he is playing at 11:00 on Saturday, March 9th at Joseph-Beth
His full event schedule is on his website.
You can also follow Zak Morgan on Facebook or Twitter.
Have you seen Zak Morgan live?
Do your kids love his music?
Favorite Song(s)?
I’m already looking forward to catching him again in the future…
I’ve got the July Zoo concert on my calendar!
(And I’m going to have to get his newest album just to see what song Karin Bergquist contributed to…I just LOVE Over the Rhine!!)


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