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Being a parent can sometimes be scary.  Like when your 7-month-old wakes up with a swollen neck and you find yourself at a hospital for over a week and then giving consent to put your baby to sleep for surgery.  Not a fun memory.  However, the staff at Cincinnati Children’s made our experience a positive one.  And every visit thereafter has been just as good.  We are lucky to live in a city with such a great hospital…one that is ever expanding.
Yesterday I got to take a tour of the new Cincinnati Children’s Green Township location.  (Locals, it is located off of the I-74 Rybolt Road exit on Harrison Avenue between Clear Water Place and Filview.  Just past the Dent Schoolhouse and across the street from Kroger.)  A great location with easy access!

This 80,000 square-foot location will open on April 29, 2013 and some departments are already scheduling their future appointments at this new location.  A lot of thought and preparation went into planning this building.  A family advisory council gave input on design and features along with other feedback and concerns.  For example, the family bathrooms will have a changing space big enough to change a 12-year-old’s diaper if necessary.
The basic things to know about this new facility:
  • Urgent Care will be located here (Fairfield Urgent Care is closing on 4/26)
  • The Harrison location will also close on 4/26
  • This new location will benefit everyone by offering many more services such as radiology, labs, audiology, ENT, OT/PT, speech, and psychology
  • There will be greeters, kiosks, and digital signage on every floor to help direct you and get you the information you need
  • Financial Services will have an office here to meet with families

Now some cool things to note…
There is conference space that is open to the community!

This MRI takes one week to install and then another week to calibrate.

The Sports Therapy area is looking good.  It has artwork respresenting all of the local west-side schools. The lines you see on the floor are a track to practice running.  When finished it will also have turf on part of the floor and a basketball goal.  A great place for athletes to get better!

The OT/PT area has a barn-themed room that will include a silo and…a zip line!
The hallways in some areas are purposely wide enough for bike riding.
There will be a rock wall in the building.
Much of the artwork was created by students at local schools and colleges.
Audiology already had a lot of bright and very cute artwork finished on their doors and walls.  I loved the Chirp! and Crunch! on this door.

Overall, it is a well-designed building that definitely will not resemble a drab nor dreary place.  All of the areas were very open and spacious.  The windows and amount of light in the building were somewhat amazing.  
If you are a local parent, chances are that you have also been to one of the many Cincinnati Children’s locations…for Urgent Care, therapy, consultation, etc. Hopefully, this new location will help many of you.
Want to see more?  Join Cincinnati Children’s on Saturday, April 20 from 11-2 for a Community Open House.  There will be self-guided tours available along with many activities for kids.  I believe I heard that there might be a Teddy Bear Clinic!


To learn even more about what will be at this specific location, be sure to visit the Cincinnati Children’s Green Township website or ask any questions on their Facebook page.
And yes…those that know me…that is ME in a TURNER hat!  HA! 


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