LaRosa’s – Last Chance for Montgomery Inn Pizza!

Last month I was lucky enough to enjoy this LaRosa’s spread with a great group of people.  Every month there is a local blogger meeting and LaRosa’s graciously hosted us in February. We get together to share best practices, learn from each other and just talk to others who also understand the blogging world.  For a newbie like me, it’s well worth my time.  And I’ve really enjoyed connecting face-to-face with people I normally only “see” online.

Although I already LOVE LaRosa’s, the food was really great because I go to try some things I might not normally order.  For instance, the Montgomery Inn Pizza.  Two things I love…combined into one.  And it was really good (I had chicken)!  However, it is apparently only around for a limited time and I believe it will be gone again in April.  So ORDER NOW!  This week is your last chance for the Montgomery Inn Pizza.

I also tried the Hawaiian…yum!  And they even offered a couple of gluten free pizzas for a few of those in our group.  Not all LaRosa’s locations offers gluten free, but a handful of them have started.  So call around if you need gluten free.

And the Italian Creme Cake?  OMG.  So delicious.  I usually don’t order dessert, but the bite-size pieces made it easy to sample.

LaRosa’s is a popular pizzeria in the Greater Cincinnati area.  There are LaRosa’s in almost every part of the city.  However, locals may not realize that the Boudinot location was the first LaRosa’s in the 1950’s.  The original pizzeria was torn down and the current 15,000 square-foot location was rebuilt in 1996.  It is HUGE.  This table in the very front can easily seat 15-20 guests.

And there is a very large bar area.

I also saw party rooms with the capability of seating 30-40 people.  By the time we left the restaurant, multiple birthday parties were happening!


Definitely the largest LaRosa’s I have seen.  Although I’ve eaten here in the past with some West Side family I never really realized just how large it is!  A great place to get together with larger crowds. 
For more information, be sure to check out the LaRosa’s website or their Facebook fan page or Twitter or Instagram. They are definitely into connecting with their customers on social media!


What’s your favorite item to order at LaRosa’s?


I love Pepperoni, Mushrooms and Pineapple together…

on a pizza, in a calzone…





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  1. I’m not a blogger, and don’t live near Cinci, but that pizza place sounds yummy! May have to make a stop there on our next drive through! Thanks Tricia 🙂

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