Henry’s Baby Clothes Quilt


Once we decided not to have a fourth baby, I still couldn’t part with some of the infant clothes.  But I really didn’t want to hold onto plastic tubs of old clothes either.  Just stashing them away in the basement forever.  I wasn’t really hoping my grandkids would wear any of it someday, I just couldn’t let go yet. 
And then an idea came – probably from Pinterest!  None of us have our own ideas anymore, right?  Some of you will remember that almost a year ago I handed over a bag of Henry’s baby clothes to a co-worker.  A co-worker with a quilting skill, but also a co-worker with a history of infertility.  I believe this was her first baby clothes quilt, but she really wanted to do it.  So I gave her NO TIME LIMIT.  Because remember?  The clothes were just going to sit in my basement anyway, right?  She worked on it when she felt she could.  Maybe some of it was therapy for her…maybe harder than I ever could imagine.  Maybe she put some tears into it.  Maybe she realized it didn’t bother her at all.  I’ll never know. 
But eleven months later, I definitely put tears on it!  When she showed it to me in person, I was overwhelmed.  I’d seen some pictures here and there of the little squares, of the AWESOME fabric she found for the back (blue bicycles?  duh, totally us!).  And then it hit me…some of the fabric didn’t stand out at first, but then the memories began to flood.  The Gap footie pjs that all three kids wore.  Those colors!  The dump truck from a favorite outfit.  The “W” from the whale wall hanging from the nursery set.  The XU onesie tribute.  The “Little Brother” onesie.  The cute monkey from the bottom area of some pants.  The handlebars from the bicycle jammies.  And on and on.
No longer a co-worker, but still a friend, Kim did an outstanding job.  I was speechless.  It was more beautiful (in a boy way) than I ever imagined.  I shouldn’t have been surprised.  After the Cookie Monster hat she made Charlotte two years ago and the few other little things she’s done for me, I knew she was talented.  You can find her at Hitched and Stitched.
Specifically about this quilt?  Well, I picked out about 15-20 outfits and handed them over.  I also gave her a fabric wall hanging from the nursery set.  I let her pick the back and the edging.  I let her do all of the placement, etc.  I basically just gave her the clothes and said, “go for it!”  Online you will see these types of quilts anywhere from $100-$300 depending on the size, the amount of “fabric” you supply, etc.  I paid closer to the $100 amount. 
And now the girls’ clothes?  Yep, I have two more bags.  I just need to sort through it and narrow down the piles for each one.  Then I will hand them over again.  Kim said she’d happily make more.  And don’t be misled, she will work under stricter time frames…you just have to supply a deadline…which I did not!
Do you still have your child’s baby clothes?
Do you have any special keepsakes from when your kids were little?


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  1. I am SO glad and relieved that you like it! Every time I make something I have those few moments of doubt that the recipient witll like it – no matter how much I do! Also – thank you for your vote of confidence in my ability to get it done in a shorter time when on a deadline – I really can quilt much faster! 😛 I learned a valuable lesson that I NEED deadlines in the future – thank you for helping to facilitate that lesson! I think that realistic turn-around time in the future would be about 6 weeks from the time that the clothes are received by me. Anyway – looking forward to doing Stella and Charlotte’s – girl clothes will be a whole new adventure! 🙂

  2. This loks so pretty and soft too! What does it measure? Will you use it? Will Henry use it or will it be a keepsake that you save? I’m thinking about using this idea but am wondering what your intnetions are – other then to get rid of the boxes of clothes!

  3. Love your blog and the duvet looks fantastic! I’ve been thinking about trying to hand craft some baby shoes for my little girl and you’ve inspired me! Thank you!

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