Easter Bunny Thumbprint Cards

Do you need a simple Easter craft to do with your kid(s)?
If you’ve been reading Take 10 for the last year, you probably know by now that I love fingerprint or thumbprint crafts. The St. Patrick’s Day Clovers, the Fall Tree, and the Reindeer ornaments are just a few things we’ve put together at home for our holiday decor and gifts.
This morning we tackled Easter by making thumbprint and pinky-print BUNNIES!  My favorite kids’ paint is the Crayola Washable Kids’ Paint.  I have two boxes of it in different colors.  It’s a good consistency for thumbprints and washes off so easily with a wipe.
For this project, we I decided to make a 5×7 to frame for decoration and some cards to send to out-of-town relatives.  So we quickly had a bunny-making factory going.  I only worked with one kid at a time.  No way I was going to have 3 paint-coated thumbs in my kitchen at the same time!
Charlotte started in the middle with the pink and stamped all of the bunny heads first.  Then we cleaned up her thumb and got some paint of the side of her pinky finger.  She added ears to each bunny.  I then repeated the same process with Stella in purple and Henry in yellow.  He definitely had less control and more splatter!
I let all of the cards sit all morning to completely dry the paint.  Then I completed one of the cards and all of the bunny faces – I used Sharpies for the faces (hot pink and black).  Stella went back and added “Some Bunnies Love You!” to all of the rest and “Happy Easter!” to the insides.  Then they signed their names.  Well, Stella and Charlotte signed their own and Charlotte added Henry’s for him next to his scribbles.
Now we have to stop at the post office this afternoon and drop them in the mail!



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