Who Is Voxing??

So, the biggest bummer about being on the iPhone is that I lost my ability to voicemail back and forth with one of my best friends.  Yes, she and I should just call each other, but that’s another story.  So my fingers are cramping from texting her so much!  Ha.

But on Sunday I was at another friend’s house with a group of high school girlfriends and our families.  And not only did we bring home a nasty virus (8 kids throwing up Tuesday morning due to that event), but I also brought home Voxer.

Voxer is an app that basically allows you to voice message other Voxer users.  Why use it?

  • It works on iOS and Android.
  • It saves you from texting a long message.  Or sending emails.
  • As bad as it sounds, you don’t have to actually call someone, listen to it ring, listen to their voicemail message, etc. 
  • You can leave a quick recorded message.  Or a long one.
  • The best part is that you can leave a message to a group of people
  • Actually, the VERY best part is that it is FREE.

So yesterday, three of us with sick kids were leaving each other messages throughout the day giving each other updates and encouragement, etc.  But I didn’t have to worry about calling one of them while they were dealing with puke.

You can also send text messages and photos.  I just tested those options this morning and super easy as well.

Voxer seems legit.  It has thousands of positive ratings.  And was featured last April by Wired Magazine as one of five best social voice messaging apps.

I researched a few other apps similar to this.  After the Beep does the same thing, but charges you per message.  It has bells and whistles like background noises, voice effects, etc. that I don’t need.  TalkBox, although free, has bad reviews recently for system crashes, trouble logging in and receiving notifications, etc.  Blip.me only had 80 reviews and none of them are recent.

Do you have a voice messaging app that you love? 

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  1. Best is when you finish an awesome job interview and are dying to ramble on to someone (but know they don’t really want to have to be on the phone), you can just get it all into a Voxer message and they can listen when they have a chance!!!! LOVING this app!!!!!!!

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