Play-Doh…Love It or Hate It?

I have a love/hate relationship with Play-Doh.  It definitely makes a mess.  And, to me, it’s a commitment to get it out.  But I love it because it will keep my kids happy for HOURS.  Here are my Play-Doh guidelines/reminders:

  1. I only get it out every 6-8 weeks.  I think this keeps the “excitement” of it alive.  I literally had to stop the kids after 2.5 hours on Monday because we had to leave to take Stella to school.
  2. I use the actual Play-Doh brand.  I know a lot of people make their own.  The smell does not bother me and the thought of making my own sounds horrid.
  3. Mine does not seem to dry-out as many people talk about. Not sure why. I’ve had some of this Play-Doh for ages. And it is not crumbly, etc. I do put it all away with secure lids, etc. If it starts to crumble, it goes into the trash.
  4. I only buy/get accessories that do NOT need an adult to help.  Ice Cream Shop machine = very cool, but no child under the age of 13 could probably work the thing.  It did not last long in our house.  Therefore we have lots of “stamps”, scissors, rollers, etc. 
  5. The Play-Doh fun factory is probably a favorite…lots and lots of “spaghetti” made with that thing!
  6. Charlotte just got the Princess kits for her birthday (see photo below) and they are awesome for little hands. 
  7. Henry got some of the trucks and building kits for Christmas.  Again = awesome for little hands.  And he loves making bricks, roads, etc. with the brown and grey “dirt”.
  8. This is one activity where I do NOT let the kids help clean up.  And it usually takes me 20 minutes to get the area back in order!


Do you love Play-Doh?


Hate it?


If you have a good DIY play-doh recipe, let us know.

Others may want it!


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2 Responses to Play-Doh…Love It or Hate It?

  1. I just bought fresh Play-doh (because I with never make my own probably)and have thrown out the old stuff so I may love it again. I agree with only little kid friendly tools too. I hate clean up though. It is great to do out on the patio or deck in the summer.

  2. I have had to make playdough for preschool and it isn’t particularly hard to make, but it does require cream of tartar typically which is pricey stuff I will say. The colors are never quite as vibrant and rich as reagular playdough either. In other words – if your kids have seen regular playdough they will likely not have enough color selection in what you could make at home. One idea I will throw out there that I haven’t actually used yet is that the teacher supply stores sell nice containers of “playdough” – they call it something else but it is the same thing. Lots of color choices and bigger containers would simplify clean up and hopefully prevent any sharing issues.

    oh and we have the ice cream machine – royal pain!

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