Going to a Ball…Then and Now


Some of you saw the photo above on either Instagram or Facebook over the weekend.  And your comments were very, very kind.  Andy and I attended the Heart Ball downtown on Saturday night.  As the night unfolded it made me think of the many, MANY differences there were in preparing for and enjoying a ball way-back-when compared to today.  

See, here we are below headed to a ball back in 1999.  Yep, that’s us…over thirteen years ago!

1999 Version:

Jumped for joy after discovering the boyfriend was taking me to the company formal.  Shopped for hours for THE perfect dress.  And shoes.  And accessories.  Probably even bought new undergarments (I’ll just leave it at that).  Had a hair appointment scheduled weeks in advance.  Had my nails done ahead of time.

On the day off the big event, I’m sure I slept in and enjoyed myself.  Relaxed.  Or sat around anxiously awaiting the big evening.  Had my hair done.  Worked endlessly on my makeup.   Maybe I even had that done (vaguely recall it).  Got ready hours in advance.  Had a friend come over and take pictures of us…ROLLS of film used.  Driven in a candy-red Mitsubishi Eclipse.  Had a blast at the event.  Drank, ate, chatted, danced.  Never looked at the time.  Stumbled home late.  Slept in the next day.

2013 Version:

Got “orders” that we have to attend the “work” event from the hubby.  {sigh}  That means a dress is needed.  {double sigh}  Dread shopping for said dress.  Luckily borrow one from a friend’s closet (THANK YOU AGAIN).  Hesitant about the color on me…convinced it’s ok.  Think about shopping for shoes.  Another friend starts emailing me shoe ideas.  However, I find an old pair in the closet that will work just fine (to her disappointment).  Head to Target to purchase Spanx thanks to birthing three kids.

On the day of the event I am booked solid all day long.  So is Andy.  I manage to get ready while home alone with the three kids in about 40 minutes.  I do shave my legs.  Ok, so only the part that would be showing.  I forget both lotion and deodorant.  I realize NONE of my nail polish matches the dress since it’s a color I’ve NEVER worn before.  Dig through the girls’ Barbie nail polish…still no luck.  Choose closest color and pray it’s a dark room and no one looks down since my toes will indeed be exposed.  Skip my fingers due to color catastrophe and lack of time.  Cram into my Spanx.  Throw on the dress.  Eeeny-meeny-miny-moe to determine earrings.  Drive the minivan. 

Arrive and deal with MAJOR static in my dress – it hugs me all night.  Manage to get a quick photo only because I promised my mom.  Drink one glass of wine in order to behave at the company table. 

The noise level in the ballroom is ridiculous.  I truly think the microphone could have been turned down 75%.  It literally gives me a headache – thanks Mr. Auctioneer.  Dinner isn’t until 8:00 – way late for those of us with toddlers.  Keep glancing at phone for both the time and to check on kids.   Formal program ends at 9:30.  

Go over to the after-party and heist 3 glow bracelets for the kids as souvenirs.  Then (mutually) decide to just head home.  Put on my flannel pants and watch “Modern Family” after paying the sitter.  Tried to still get to bed at a reasonable hour calculating the time the kids would be up and the fact that I had to teach Sunday school that next morning. 

Determine I am OLD and boring and sadly, it’s not a shocking revelation.

In all honesty, I was extremely happy and wouldn’t have traded places with 1999!

When was the last time you got all fancied up and went out?

Did you enjoy it?


3 Responses to Going to a Ball…Then and Now

  1. A) LOVE the Stella & Dot earrings.
    B) You MUST wear this color more often!
    C) Last time I was dressed-up was the infamous company Holiday party [which as you already know] was smokey and horrible.
    D) can TOTALLY appreciate the Spanx.

  2. Wow , where does the time go ? You both look great ! All I can say is keep enjoying life, for it is oh so short ! You are blessed , I know you thank God every day . I a very proud dad .

  3. I like the part about photos on rolls of film. In my case the disposable camera would have fallen in the toilet at least once. True story x countless 🙂

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