$50 Kroger Gift Card Giveaway



Earlier this week I promised you a Kroger Gift Card giveaway. 
And since I LOVE all my readers and followers,
I will be giving away
a $50 Kroger Gift Card
on Valentines’s Day
You MUST comment on this post in order to be entered. 
Leave me a comment with either how you’ll spend it
or what you are doing for Valentine’s Day.
If you are a Facebook Follower I love you even more,
so you will get an extra entry. 
But ONLY IF you leave a separate comment (yes, a second comment)
on this post telling me that you are a FB fan.
(I only love you more because FB seems to be where the conversation happens.
And I LOVE conversation and would hate for you to miss it!)
Now…start commenting!
Who wants $50??
** Thanks again to Kroger for supplying this gift card!


58 Responses to $50 Kroger Gift Card Giveaway

  1. I would spend my $50 on a Valentine meal for my kids and baby daddy. Making a great dinner and spending that time with them is exactly what he would like! ( ok, maybe an average dinner and a decent bottle of RED!) Mo

  2. We’re spending Valentine’s Day at Great Wolf Lodge because our kids are off school the next day. We’re going with several other families…sounds romantic, right?


  3. I will be buying myself some chocolate and having a lil Vday party by myself because my hubby is in class on Thursday.. but maybe just maybe he may have something planned for Wednesday night… we’ll see 😉 I would spend the giftcard on an US weekly and People magazine for myself 🙂 and Kroger CarbSmart Yogurt & Simply Truth Double Peanut protein bars..so good!.. plus a week supply of milk for my kids/husband because it almost cost $50 as much as they drink 🙂

  4. I will spend Valentine’s Day with my husband, cuddling on the couch watching TV, or maybe a DVD. I’ll bake something chocolatey, probably fudge brownies.

  5. Nothing says love like free groceries! (oh, but don’t include me in your contest because we don’t have Kroger up in Canada) Good luck to all who enter!!!!

  6. no plans yet for valentines day…how sad is that? probably take out indian food after the kids go to bed and watching tv (which is code for me falling asleep on the couch within 10 minutes of the start of a show).

  7. I’m having surgery this week, so we most likely will be spending Valentines Day at home on the couch watching a movie or going out to dinner if I feel up to it :/ I would spend the $50 buying things for our brand new puppy that we got on Sunday!

  8. Spent the day with the grandbabies. And since I gave them V treats after nap, we left before the sugar rush! (that’s what g’parents do, ya know!)

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