10 Things I Miss About Work


Seems like YEARS ago that I was sitting in that chair talking on camera about how much I love my job of developing and coaching people at work.
And now I’m knee-deep in yoga pants, pony tails, and school pick-up lines.
Here are the Top 10 Things I Miss About Work (in no particular order):
1. My work friends.  You know who you are.  Facebook and texting are great for keeping in touch, but just not the same as a chat in my cubicle or yours.  I miss your faces and stories!
2. Andy dropping the kids off at daycare every morning. (Don’t get me wrong – I love being home with the kids in the mornings so this isn’t about him getting them out of the house.  It’s the drop-off process/logistics that I HATE and am now in charge of 3 mornings a week for preschool.)
3. The 30 minutes I had alone in the house each morning due to the above.

4.  Watching the local news and weather every morning.  I feel like Kathrine Nero and I broke up.  And I miss the morning commute with Jeff and Jenn.
5. The morning drive-thru trips at the Evendale Starbucks.

6. That first 30 minutes at my desk with my chai tea and QUIET
7. Talking to adults most of the day.
Wait, now I’m stuck…hmmmm…
Ok, so those are the Top 7 Things I Miss About Work.
What do you miss about working if you are now at home?
And if you are working, what do you think you’d miss?
And yes, I still WORK, just in a completely different manner.
So, no, this is not a post written for us to fight about the term “work”.



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  1. Now compose the list of things you don’t miss about work or the things you love about being home….the seven things you listed above are not that bad cause most of them can be overcome with work arounds

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