10 More Random Things About Me

1. I actually enjoy working out…with a friend or a dvr’d TV show.  I’m lucky to have a neighbor who will convince me to walk 4 miles in 23 degree weather.  And thanks to boot camp I now know what a burpee is.  Damn those burpees.
2. I need to work out because I LOVE food and especially sweets.  The rolo cookies would have been yummy at a play date Friday…if only we had enough left to take with us!  And I can’t blame the kids.  HA! 
3. I hate water with ice in it.  I prefer it room temperature.  And flavored.

4. I keep the house thermostat set to “meat locker”.  It’s not that cold, but it is chilly.  How chilly?  Chilly enough for my mom to show up to babysit and say, “Don’t worry, I wore my long underwear this time.”  But looking at Charlotte above you would think the house is warm.  My kids just got their dad’s hot-bloodedness.
5. Stella keeps calling family meetings to teach us stuff.  Last night’s topic was sight.  She taught us all about the iris and retina and pupil.  That’s how we spend our Saturday afternoons.

6. We love to go out to a nice dinner (alone).  I almost always order scallops or crab cakes or salmon.  The waitress last night convinced me to order sea bass.  OMG.  YUM!!!  And almost too pretty to eat…

7. Lately I’m listening the most to Taylor Swift, the Lumineers, and Mumford and Sons.  Stella is still taking piano lessons.  Her teacher asked her what song she wanted to learn.  She chose “Call Me Maybe” and is practicing a couple lines of it.  Over and over. 
8. We do limit TV time at home.  Maybe not as much as some, but probably more than others.  Current favorites are Princess Sofia and Daniel Tiger (the bizarre new cartoon tiger that replaced Mr. Rogers).  I often wonder if these shows ever really teach anything good to my kids, but am thrilled they still allow me to get a shower uninterrupted.  But just now Stella and Charlotte sang “You can take a turn and then I’ll get it back” followed by Stella staying “It’s so awesome when we share and no one cries”.  Job well done Daniel Tiger.  No one listens when mom tries to teach this lesson.  But a cartoon tiger does and YES!

9.  Some of you saw the above photo on FB or Instagram – we let the kids watch “The Rifleman”.  Remember, hashtag was #GoAheadAndJudge.  Stella is really crushing young cowboy Mark. Today we introduced “Mr. Ed” (Hallmark Channel!) and he was a HIT.  You’ve got to love some old classics.
10. I’m desperately trying to get into a better routine now that I’m staying home.  Thanks for still reading.  I’ve got the Take 10 With Tricia LLC finalized and now I’m working on the Trademarking.  Next?  Switching to WordPress.  There are changes in the works.  Things happening behind the scenes.  So although there aren’t as many posts right now, I haven’t forgotten my readers!  I appreciate all of you! 



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