Top 10 Things I’m Realizing Staying Home



After only three full days (and considering I was already used to one day home each week, we should probably say TWO whole days) I’ve come to the realization of the following as far as being a stay-at-home-mom:
1. I’m ALWAYS in the car.  Always.  Thank goodness I love my minivan.
2. I’m ALWAYS buckling and unbuckling 5-point harnesses.  Just today I buckled or unbuckled a car seat 30 times.  THIRTY.  Must exercise Stella’s finger strength.
3. I need to come up with a game or contest to see who can get into the car seat the fastest and begin buckling on his/her own.  Seriously?  What is the aversion kids??
4. Being a car rider is glamorous when you are in kindergarten.  Being a car driver…just plain sucks when you have to drag three kids in and out of a school building twice a day.
5.  Can’t wait until it’s pouring down rain.  See above.
6. Wearing jeans as a car driver?  Remember the old Sesame Street song, “One of these things is not like the others…”?  Unless you are a man, it’s yoga pants in the pick-up line.  So that stereotype?  True ladies.
7. Not only have I showered every day (yep) and worn my jeans (yep), but I also put on some makeup.  Stella: “Mom, why are you doing that?  You don’t go to work anymore!”  But I forgot my earrings.  Charlotte: “Mom, are your ears still pierced?”
8. Just how many times can you load/unload a dishwasher in a day?  At what point is it no longer annoying?  These kids use TONS of kitchenware!
9. And saving money?  “Think of all the money you’ll save in gas, work clothes, eating out for lunch, etc. by not working.”  Um, hello!  See #8.  Everything I’m saving is going right back out in dishwasher detergent, food, etc.
10. Henry poops all day long.  (Also affecting #9 since wipes were included with daycare.) And Charlotte holds water like a camel.

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  1. I’m smiling at this b/c I NEVER wear jeans anymore, I used to skip preschool on pouring rain days – seriously – just not worth it – and I finally got smart and started using more paper plates – but I didn’t figure this out until after Owen!

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