More Things I’ve Learned as a SAHM

My how they’ve grown in ONE year!!


Some of you enjoyed my recent post on what I’ve quickly learned about being a Stay-At-Home-Mom.  Well, 2-weeks in and I’m discovering more and more. 
So here are the latest observations:
1. My hands are cracked and bleeding from all of the dish-rinsing, table-wiping, hand-washing after helping every.single.child in the bathroom constantly, etc.
2. If you want a real challenge, decide to be a SAHM and then for your first two weeks in that new role, make sure your husband is out of town far away.
3. Also, make sure you are still finishing up a project for the job you actually already quit.
4. And while you’re at it, make sure your kids hate transition as much as mine.  Seriously, they screamed and cried all morning because they missed pajama day at daycare today…because they got to be home with me. all. day.  In their pajamas.
5.  And just go ahead and decide to get rid of your son’s crib.
6.  And since you’re that ambitious, you might as well get serious about potty training. 
7. So I’m Exhausted.  I am.
8. And when you’re already exhausted, you might as well start Boot Camp.  If the kids don’t kick your butt, it will.
9. However, getting up at 7:00 AM is much more fun than 5:02.  I’m loving that part. 
10. I do believe I have the Good Nite Lite to thank for that.  Watch for a post later this week on how it really is keeping Charlotte in her bed later in the mornings.


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