Polly Pockets and Other Nonsense

How’s your Christmas shopping going? 

My girls suddenly LOVE their current Princess Polly Pockets (handed down from a cousin).  And now that Henry no longer tries to eat the small itty-bitty shoes and accessories, they are allowed to keep them out more.  BUT, they are not current.  Meaning they are the old princesses…Snow White, Belle, Cinderella, etc.  So, I’ve been spending my time comparing prices of the new princesses.  Seriously, $18 for a miniature choking hazard?

For those of you not on Facebook or Instagram…we got our tree! 
An annual tradition for us. 

And I stayed up super late one night decorating it ALONE.
Well, the kids put on one box of ornaments before they went to bed.
All on the lowest branches, of course.

And we got to go and see Alice in Wonderland playing at the Ensemble Theatre.
Very good.
In fact, the Cheshire Cat was fabulous!

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  1. Looks like a fun Christmas so far! And thank goodness my daughter isn’t old enough to know about Polly Pockets yet. Wonder how long I’ll get away with that…

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