Frisch’s and The Pumpkin Pie Wars

If you are familiar with Cincinnati then you probably are aware of the Pumpkin Pie Wars between Frisch’s and Busken Bakery.  The billboard pranks are great.  Well, the taste-testing results came out today and the winner was…the Big Boy!

We recently visited the Big Boy on Halloween.  We convinced the kids to go out for pumpkin pie instead of trick-or-treating since it was raining.  I tweeted a photo of the girls with their pie and @FrischsBigBoy found us!  Yep, the Big Boy tweets!  We swapped a few messages and a few days later we got some Big Boy tattoos in the mail for the kids.

Some of you know our history with the Big Boy.  There was a time back in February when Henry thought he was his daddy.  For real.  We went to the restaurant and as soon as Henry saw the statue, he screamed “DADDY!”  Then when he saw the menu, he again pointed and screamed “DADDY!”  When I told my co-workers the next day, one pulled out a Big Boy coin bank from her desk drawer.  Again, for real.  I brought it home and this was the follow-up video. 


As much as I love the Big Boy, especially his cherry coke, he is NOT my baby’s daddy!

Do you like pumpkin pie?
If so, what’s your favorite pumpkin pie?
Do you make it from scratch or buy it?
Cool whip or whip cream?


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  1. My grandma makes a really great pumpkin pie, I usually enjoy it with some cool whip. I’m sad that this pregnancy has made me have an aversion to all things pumpkin 🙁

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