Definitely Have My Hands Full

As a mom, don’t you HATE when another mom sees you and your kids and says, “Boy, you sure have your hands full”?  Especially when that tone is added, all I hear is, “Put a lasso on your crew, biatch.”  Because moms only say this when your kids are totally misbehaving and you are trying to be calm and collected.  The mom really should offer to help you or point out something you are doing right to lift you up…not smirk and walk away with her perfectly acting only child she has with her at the time.

The other day I was checking out at a Walmart with a mega-cart full of two kids and groceries.  The kids were over it and being loud, but not bad.  I thought it was going to be a smooth and successful finish.  And then Charlotte sneezed.  And the biggest snot was on her upper lip.  Yuck.

I grabbed my purse for a tissue.  None.  WTF?  Where was the always-there Kleenex pack?  Gone.  And so then I weighed all the options as I took inventory of what I was left with.

The Toddy Cloth?  No way.  That thing cost too much and if it didn’t wash up nicely I’d be mad.

I looked around.  Of course this was the only check-out I’ve ever been in that didn’t SELL a purse packet of tissues.  Argh.

I rummaged some more through my purse.

A tampon?  No.  (But yes, I considered it.)

A panty liner?  Better than the tampon.  Would probably do the job.  But I was surrounded by 3 men – one working the lane, one checking out, and one behind me.  Maybe it would be worth the looks on their faces.  Nah.

Seriously, I could hear the laughter from aisle 13 where all the tissues, paper towels and toilet paper were stocked.  I needed one square.

My sweatshirt?  It probably needed washed 3 days ago anyway.  But, double yuck.

Her own shirt?  Definitely would work.  But how many times have I said “Don’t wipe stuff on your shirt!”  That would just be hypocritical.

No other workable options in my purse. 

And then I saw it.

She was writing on a notepad.

I ripped off a piece of paper and that was that.

The man in front of me said, “They sure keep you busy” in that tone.  He’s now on my list with those moms.



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  1. I don’t often get this comment (I think it’s the 3 or more kids threshold – I don’t qualify with only 2!) but a friend once said her reply to the “You sure have your hands full!” remark is “Better full than empty!” with I’m sure some snark in her tone… Thinking another reply to all such commentary might be “Children are a blessing, but a patient mother is the true miracle.” Now I gotta go restock all my purses with at least one emergency tissue…

  2. Krista’s comment made me laugh out loud. 🙂 how does she do that?! Lol.

    I’ve gotten this comment with having just Luke, and not even when he’s at his most challenging. I don’t really get it, I’ve gotten it a lot more now that I’m out running with both kids. It’s usually when Luke falls asleep in the car and I have to wake him up to run in and get something from a store that just can’t wait. So he is melting down and I am carrying this crazy heavy car seat with Emma. When I get that comment I alway look at them and say “yeah, no kidding!” It never bothers me so it cracks me up when people give you that “feel sorry for you” look and make that comment.

  3. I’ve never heard that yet, as I’ve only got one 14 month old, and as soon as things sound like they might get crazy, I run out of there as fast as I can. Still, I’ll probably roll my eyes at anyone who ever does tell me that.

  4. ugh I LOATHE when people say crap like that. I always feel the urge to make some snarky comment right back about their large butt or unfortunate face because I’m mean like that. Luckily I resist the urge…. usually 😉

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