After Halloween Sale for Dress-ups

Today during nap time I ran out to Target quickly. I had not been yet since Halloween and I love the after Halloween sale. Because my kids LOVE to play dress-up. And I HATE to pay a lot for dress-ups. So I always go searching for costumes on clearance.

The girls are starting to outgrow some of the more toddler-sized princess items we have. So I was lucky to grab these Cinderella dresses for $9 and $6 each. Cinderella dress-up in the toy section? $15-20.

Stella has always wanted the Toy Story Jessie outfit. First she was too small for it. This year I just couldn’t justify the $30. Today? At $9 it’s mine and will be under the Christmas tree.

And Henry? Yo-ho-mateys-away! This Jake costume will fit perfectly and at $6…argh, what a steal! (I’ll never forget a friend telling me to stock up on boy costumes, because boy dress-ups are harder to find.)

Spiderman is going to be too big to give to him for awhile (size 4), but for $3 I had to have it!

If these were just for Halloween, I wouldn’t “stock up”. I am a huge fan of swapping and sharing costumes with others to not have to spend any money.

However, other than Spidey, these “costumes” will all be Christmas presents and used as dress-ups all year long.

FYI – My Target said 50% off, but was scanning 70% off. So check prices before deciding on a purchase. It may be less than you think! Take advantage of those in-aisle scanners.

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  1. I can’t wait until my daughter is old enough to play dress up because I was thinking of buying sale costumes myself. I’ll wait until next year to grab a few when they’re super cheap, as she’s only 1 this year anyway. I’m glad I’m not the only one who wants to do this.

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