How to Help Prevent Winter Sickness

It’s only October and barely into fall and we’ve already dealt with both croup and pneumonia at our house.  And according to the medical world, we’re only just beginning an anticipated really nasty sickness season. 
We really do try to have healthy habits at home – eating right, getting enough sleep, washing hands while singing the “ABCs”, etc.  But we are an active and social family so we come in contact with many, many germs.  Not just at daycare and kindergarten, but at the store, church, swim lessons, soccer, and friends’ houses.  So I am one parent that does not just blame daycare only for my kids’ illnesses.  My kids pick up germs everywhere.  And also spread their germs everywhere!
During one of our recent pediatrician visits, the suggestion was made to get rid of hand towels this season – even more important than in the past.  So, we did it.  Invested in the paper towels you find in commercial restrooms – the ones that are in individual sheets…not the roller kind.  Andy grabbed some at Staples while buying a printer cartridge and I hope to find some cheaper at Costco.
The kids are good at taking only one.  And for the times I’ve already seen them wipe or touch their face with it…maybe we should have done this awhile ago. 


Right now they are only in the foyer bathroom and the kids’ bathroom.  Still using regular hand towels in the master.

The other suggestion was to up the intake of Vitamin D for our kids.  Add a children’s chewable supplement this season even if they already take a daily vitamin.   Some say this is the new Vitamin du jour.  But did I ask a lot of questions?  No.  I just googled it to make sure it was safe to up the dosage (because there were so many choices and it is safe…in fact, it’s very hard to overdose on Vitamin D).  And since the kids will be outdoors less, it seemed to make sense.  So I headed over to Whole Foods and bought a bottle. 
The verdict is still out on whether or not either of these things will keep us healthier this season!
What changes, if any, do you make to prepare for the cold/flu/yucky illness season?

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  1. Man! I never thought to make changes! Now I have something to think about! My kids, knock on wood, haven’t had a sick visit to the ped since 09, so I’m sure we will get hit this winter!! I do change my hand towel in my bathroom and kitchen everyday, but I like the paper towel idea. I wonder if it would fly with Craig?? Maybe I’ll get him some for his birthday in two weeks ;)!!

    Thanks Trish… good stuff:)

  2. we add vitamin c with echinecha (sp?) gummy vitamins in the fall and winter too as well as the daily probiotic. Other then that I have the kids use purell once in the car after we are out and then wash with soap as soon as we walk in the door at home. They also wash hands every day when home from school. And no sharing drinks/meals etc in the fall/winter. Probably none of it makes a difference, but it’s what we do.

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