Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween! 
I’m shocked at how many people don’t enjoy this holiday. 
Fall is one of my favorite seasons and I don’t mind Halloween at all.

We Andy carved our pumpkin on Monday night.
The kids loved it.
Henry kept screaming about “the GUTS”.
Charlotte collected the pumpkin seeds and practiced counting to 20.
Stella thought it was “just so gooey”.

Our pumpkin was cool.
But not as cool as the 1st prize pumpkin at work.
Well, we were actually ineligible since my department helped put on the event.

It’s going to be COLD and possibly rainy here for Trick or Treat.
We may not last too long outside this year.
But we’ve already attended enough costume-wearing events that I don’t think it will matter.
Here’s proof that we’ve already gathered plenty of treats.
Ok, so it was filled to the top but we (Andy and I) ate a couple a few too many.

Our normal Halloween tradition is to set up in the cul-de-sac with the neighbors.
There’s usually a fire pit.
And a table full of snacks/appetizers.
Then Andy and I take the kids around a few close streets.
Our neighbors with high school/college kids stay behind and pass out our candy for us.


What do you give out?


Last year Stella asked to give out Krabby Patties.

Which was actually just fine with me.

Because I can buy them in advance while I’m thinking about it.

And be guaranteed not to eat any before Halloween night!

Why do kids LOVE these?


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