Fall Fingerprint Tree Family Art Project


I have seen different variations of this on Pinterest, around the web and even in magazines.

(You know, those paper catalog thingies some people still get in the mail??)


Stella was home today with a slight fever so she and I got out a canvas and some paint.

She painted the tree trunk all by herself and added some grass.

Then we decided to assign every family member a color.

Stella was red leaves and I was green leaves.

Charlotte chose brown and Henry asked for orange.

That left yellow for daddy.

We all contributed and it turned out great.

It’s not completely dry yet.

So tomorrow I’ll add the date to it.

And maybe our names somewhere.

It will be fun to pull this out each fall and find a place for it.

Tonight when I asked what Stella was thankful for today, she replied,

“Our family art project.  Because, we like, all did a part.”

Like, exactly.

We worked on a few other things as well…stay tuned!


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  1. I wish I could ‘like’ this post!! And how wonderful that Stella got the true meaning of the project, that everyone had a part in creating it! 🙂 I hope I can remember to do something like this when my daughter is a bit older.

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