Old West Festival

About a month ago I noticed an ad in our Reach Coupon magazine.
The Old West Festival was coming in September.
And located about 45 minutes east of us.
And Stella is STILL in love with the idea of growing up and being a cowgirl.
So I ripped out the ad, kept the coupon, and made note of the dates.
Today’s weather couldn’t have been more perfect.
Sunny skies and about 75 degrees.
So we packed up and took a trip east to go West.
Stella put on her favorite cowgirl outfit and
was giddy about the idea of the “Cowboy” festival.
“Dodge City” was set up like a real city.
There were walkable pathways, but take note of the weather when you go.
I was so glad we were all in hiking shoes or boots…it was extremely muddy today.
Women trying to look fashionable in designer outfits and sandals did not fit the scene!
And prepare for a stroller to get muddy and dusty.
We saw more kids in wagons instead.
Pony rides were a big hit with Stella.
You’ll hand over $5 for that trip around the yard.
 Even daddy got in on the fun!

The train ride was $2/person for a 4-minute loop.  Adults could get on, but we let the girls ride without us.

The girls enjoyed a puppet show right before lunch.
 And some music after lunch.
They loved seeing the tepee.
(Which can apparently be spelled tepee, teepee and tipi.)
 Overall, we all felt like this afterward:
If you are considering going, here are some things to know:
It’s open Saturdays and Sundays through October 7th
Parking is right on site, but you are parking in a muddy field
Admission is $12/person (Reach had $2 off coupons)
Kids 5 & under are FREE
Kids get deputized for free and receive a badge
There are a lot of fun and friendly street performers
Bring cash for extras and food
Even if you eat an entire bag of Sweet Maize Kettle Corn you’ll probably still want lunch
Food prices seemed extremely reasonable
We all had water bottles with us so didn’t need drinks
There are real guns that are shot (Stella hated the noise) during different shows
There are multiple shows throughout the day – see agenda online
You can put someone in jail!  (Bring $5)
Let me know if you go and what you think!

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