Another Trader Joe’s Post

You may have read about my other Trader Joe’s favorites HERE.


Last week I tried the Mushroom Risotto from the frozen section.

It was edible, but I had a few bites and then tossed it.

You have to really LOVE that mushroom taste.

I imagined it was like eating Cream of Mushroom soup plain…

and I only use that stuff as an ingredient in a recipe.


It even looked funny before heating it up.
The sauce looked like pieces of cardboard shown below.
Maybe if someone else had heated it for me, it would have tasted better.

On the other hand, the Carnitas?
A quick and easy short-cut.
We warmed it up and put it on tortillas with beans, guac,
sour cream and a bit of shredded cheese.

And speaking of groceries.  If you are/have been searching your Kroger for the following items for months and the Kroger people keep saying they are going to get it in stock, but you NEVER see it happening…run into Meijer.  You will be pleasantly surprised.  They still carry Maple & Brown Sugar Mini-Wheats, 2% Sharp Cheddar cheese slices and seedless Red Raspberry Jam.



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  1. Ooh I will have to try those carnitas – that looks good! I just bought from TJs yesterday dried coconut – OMG – so crispy and delicious! Would be great atop cupcakes or in granola bars/cookies. Also good just for a mildly sweet but crunchy nibble. Yum!

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