Fifty Shades of Grey Party Food and More

Last night I posted about the decorations and prizes for the Fifty Shades party.  Tonight is a real treat…what everyone brought!  Here are some photos from the evening.  I didn’t capture everything (like the vanilla ice cream that we forgot to get out of the freezer..ugh, but the hubby was happy later since it was his favorite).  However, below is most of the stuff that related to the actual books.
Some dressed for the occasion… 
A Grey-inspired t-shirt:
A plum dress and a braid:

One woman brought photos of the actual Escala penthouse:

Another woman found the songs from the playlist mentioned in the book:

And there were more drinks to go with my Mojitos and the Sarasota:

And the food was a big hit.
“Stow Your Twitchy Palm and Try a Rod Instead”:

Submissive Sub sandwiches:

Bow “Tied Up” Pasta Salad (my contribution):

And then the desserts!  YUM.
Mr. Grey’s Birthday Cake:

Some Red Room Vines (with cable ties):

Vanilla Bean-Wa Cupcakes:

Um, yep…read it yourself:
Some Booty-licious Brownies:

Another yummy set of cupcakes that
had their own little tryst coming up the driveway:

And…the grand prize winner…
We all about fell over when this was pulled out:

This was such a fun party to host. 
I am really appreciative of all the ladies
who participated and had fun with it.


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