Magnetic Artwork Boards

I know, I know…some of you have totally given up on me ever showing any photos of the new office.  It’s almost complete.  I promise.  Three more items are being delivered very soon and then we’ll be reveal-ready.
Part of the new office is the kid table and artwork area.  Andy worked on part of that project for me.  I wanted a way to display the kids’ artwork, but without it being too permanent.  In other words, I did not want to have to switch out frames, etc.  So my inspiration were these:

Due to the space we had, Andy decided to get four 36-inch boards and paint them with black magnetic paint.

He set up a painting station in his work area of our basement.  The reviews for the paint were great as long as you stirred it really well before each coat and painted about 6-8 layers.  So for $20 we thought we’d give it a try.

After 8 coats of magnetic paint and 3 coats of black spray paint for a nicer finish, the job was complete.  Now, not all magnets will stick to it.  There are quite a few on our fridge that won’t work.  The magnet has to be really strong.  And then you can hang this fabulously colored Barbie up on the wall.

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  1. Cool idea! We use the cable cord concept in Jaxon’s playroom. I’m getting ready to do a wall in our den which will be 6-8 clip boards. Saw it on Pinterest and lived the idea.

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