Bunk Beds…Help Needed

From Pottery Barn Kids

My little sister and I shared a room for a LONG time while growing up.  And we had bunk beds.  White wooden bunk beds.  I remember sitting on the top bunk “fishing”.  I’d throw down a “rope” and my sister would tie one of our toys to it.  I’d pull it up and see what I “caught”…usually followed by laughter.  For (what seemed like) hours.
My girls now share a bedroom in our house.  And they each have a twin bed.  The problem is that the beds don’t bunk properly (few pieces missing…which apparently could be a serious problem).  And they are brown with black metal accents (hand-me-down from my brother).  And the beds take up so much floor space not bunked.  And the girls want to be bunked. 
So I’ve started shopping for bunk beds.  And I’m trying to find an error in my formula below.
White + Wood + Separates into 2 Beds Later + Good Guard Rail Height + High Weight Capacity on Top Bunk +  Can Go and See It In Person = A Freaking Pottery Barn Investment
However, I really do not want anything metal or brown or natural colored.  And it really needs to be able to separate into two beds later.  We are definitely more long-term investment kind of people.  Meaning if we buy these “higher quality” beds, our grandchildren will most likely sleep/bunk in them. 
I found a few lower-priced options at places like Penney’s, Target, etc.  However, you can’t see them in person (sold online only) and the reviews are ok or non-existent.  And they honestly don’t look as nice.  So for the risk of them getting delivered and not liking them or having issues putting them together…I’d almost rather pay a bit more to have it all handled by Pottery Barn Kids.
Any other recommendations on where I should look? 
Or where did you get your bunk beds if you have them?
Or should I just pull the trigger??



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  1. i checked land of nod, but it looks like they are even pricier than pottery barn. i’d go for the investment too. though i did that with my kids’ convertible cribs and i want a bunk over desk for bear now.

  2. I agree with Katie… you get what you pay for! We opted for PB twin beds for the room my girls share (white). They adjust in height lower when they are young, you only have to buy mattress, then when they get older you can add box spring if you want and move it up higher. Also, each one has area for trundle below to use as storage or another bed for sleepovers. We haven’t bought the trundles yet but plan to when they are older.

  3. My sister got some for her girls last summer. Real wood. Can be separated to 2 pretty beds. Comes in white. Young America by Stanley furniture. My bedroom set is Stanley. Very good quality, and your grand kids will be able to use them. I will send you a link to the ones my sister got.

  4. Young America by Stanley is what my girls have. Addie’s crib converted to a toddler then a full size bed so we still have all her furniture. Paige we bought a crib (not Young America) that converted too and have since had to replace all the furniture. We went with Young America by Stanley. I like this furniture because they have all different colors, lines, and they mix and match really really well. So if later on you need a desk but they don’t make the exact line still something will still match very nicely. Sorry for the long response!!

  5. I loved this post! Funny to hear people are in the same boat as me. Be it girls or be it boys we too are looking for bunk bed solution and it has taken me weeks to make any commitment in fear of being disappointed or something unsafe. I have 2 boys they each have own room, but my youngest son always wants to make a cave of stuffed animals, blankets and pillows around him as part of his bedtime routine. He currently has a trundle and is sleeping in the drawer part. I started looking around in hopes that a bunk bed would have the cozy effect of a cave or a tent without all this other clutter that he seems to want to corral before bed. I was happy to see these posts for Young America I forgot that I bought a dresser from them in years past. I recently went to a wholesaler on Cin Day rd called Furniture Direct and they sell Ashley brand furniture at 20% off lowest store price but again most options were from catalog and what i saw in store was a little wobbly without the mattresses in them. I think I’ll take your advice and look around for Young America and see what I find. I have heard that Pottery Barn is truly another brand/line that they just put the PB name on. Anyone know what the name of the line is that PB renames as their own as they do not truly make their own furniture???

  6. I don’t have a lead on where to buy them…only a tip to consider an alternate reading spot at bedtime if you typically read on the bed. Once my friend got bunk beds, reading on the bed as a family became unmanageable…and to her dismay they don’t really read at bedtime anymore. Just something to think about…in terms of how the room is set up. Sometimes a loft situation can be fun too.

  7. If money is no object – def go with PB as an investment! It’s worth it in the end, for sure! We got Luke’s bunk bed from Ikea and love it because it’s so versatile and I wanted something that would grow and change with him. On the other hand, I won’t be expecting or disappointed if it doesn’t last until Grandkids because the bunk beds my parents bought for my brothers none of us like now as adults…we wanted to buy our own beds with our particular styles for our kids so they ended up being given away. They expected to hand them down to us and they really weren’t something any of us wanted in the end.

    I really do believe that you get what you pay for but it’s also nice to see Luke play in his room and really enjoy his new bed without me freaking out because it cost us an arm and a leg! My no.1 priority for his new room was FUN…for him, so we put a lot of thought into making sure what we put in there was child proof!

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