Yucky Bananas Now Make Me Happy

Do you hate it when you don’t eat all of the bananas before they get soft and mushy? Do you also like smoothies, but when the bananas are going bad you don’t have other smoothie ingredients? Or you just don’t want a smoothie right then?

Well, freeze the banana! I have learned that the best way to do this is to peel it, slice it and put it in a baggie. Then when you are ready for a smoothie, put the frozen, sliced banana in a blender. Add a cup of yogurt and your favorite berries. Pour a splash of milk in it if it’s too thick. Enjoy! The banana is a perfect ice cube substitute.

What is your favorite smoothie recipe?

We love adding strawberries, raspberries, or blueberries at our house.

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  1. Put those bananas in the frig before they get yuckie they might look bad on the outside yet will stay firmer longer, it seems this is only a restaurant policy why,? I don’t know but in the south most bananas are in the frig..

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