Happy Birthday Stella!

Exactly 5 years ago I was in the final stages of labor with Stella.  She wasn’t actually born until 11:02 PM.  That’s a story for another day…
Today was great fun.  Andy and I continued the tradition of taking the day off and spending it just with her.  Her choices: the new movie “Brave” and IHOP.  Perfect.
My how she’s grown from last year.  And how she’s changed over the years is amazing.  Her favorite thing this year?  Cowgirls.  So she got her very own light-up pink cowgirl hat first thing this morning and wore it most of the day.

Stella sporting her new rainbow ruffle skirt that I did splurge on for her rainbow party.  I found it HERE on Etsy.  More to come about the party later this week.

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  1. happy birthday to miss stella! it seems like so much is going to happen with our five year olds this year. what did you think of brave? scared the beejezus out of june.

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