Time for a Big Boy Room

The hardwood floors aren’t even down yet and I’m already thinking of the next house project!
It’s somewhat hard to imagine I won’t need a nursery again.  But I’m also getting excited about being able to finally transform that room into something else.  Since we used the same nursery decor for all three kids, I’m kind of over it.  No, I’m really over it.  So over it, I just handed over one of the decorative pillows to be cut up and used as part of the baby quilt I’m having made out of Henry’s clothes.  The nursery stuff was cute and I loved the colors, but I’m ready to move forward.  Ready to create a big-boy room this summer.  We’ll keep similar colors…reds, greens, blues.
I’m loving this storage idea from Land of Nod.  I think it would match everything perfectly.

And this quilt…oh. too. cute.
And already stored away in Henry’s closet!

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  1. We are finally ready to do Luke’s Big Boy Room! We’ve been thinking about it for a long time…but I refused to move him out of that room until we had a baby on the way and refused to change it from a nursery because it’s “perfect” in there for the next baby! He’s been happily sleeping in the converted crib to a toddler bed but last night we noticed just how big he’s getting for that bed! Perfect timing! We’re painting this weekend and hoping to move him in the following weekend – we’ve have some fun ideas so stay tuned for pics!

  2. i need some of your motivation. i’ve been spending so much time and energy on photography that my house decorating hit a road block. i love land of nod. we need to get bear out of the crib soon, so his room might need a mini-makeover.

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