That’s What Friends Are For

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Last night Charlotte picked out this book to be read as part of our bedtime routine.  I love this book.  The girls love this book.  When I was pregnant with Stella I had a baby shower.  However, instead of cards, those invited were asked to bring a book and sign it for the baby to start our library.  This one was hand selected by my BFF.  And a great one it is.

My girls love it mostly due to the hilarious voices I use for each animal (which apparently daddy does not do when he reads it…”he just reads it all in his normal voice, mom” I was informed by Stella last night).  I love it because it ends with a very important message (spoiler alert):
To give advice is very nice,
But friends can do much more.
Friends should always help a friend.
That’s what friends are for.
Hardback is only $6.99 right now on Amazon and eligible for free shipping!  Grab one for yourself or for a gift.  This is not an affiliate link – I just love this book.


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