Spring Soccer

I am not sure how I am going to survive being a parent of three kids and all of the activities that go with it.  I am not a fan of a lot of extra-curriculars.  For many reasons.  However, I do LOVE our soccer program.  Basically because it’s only one hour a week.  That’s it.  It’s more like a learn-to-play program than anything competitive.  And I think that is the right focus for 3 & 4 year olds.
Our 6-week spring session started last week.  Stella?  She came off the field saying “Mom, I’m hungry!”  Really?  Then she continued…”Hungry for MORE SOCCER!”  That’s her below in the orange shirt, pink shin guards and pony tail getting ready to kick the ball into the goal.
And Charlotte?  She was so excited to finally be old enough to play.  Unfortunately there are way too many kids in the program this session.  So after about 30 minutes she was finished.  Not sure if she was bored or tired or just unamused.
How do you handle activities with your kids?
Do you have “rules” about who gets to do what?
What spring sports are you on the sideline for?

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  1. hungry for more soccer! love it. so i am i. it was so much fun this season. so far we’ve been doing one extracurricular per child per season. but fall might see soccer and basketball for miss june. this is one of the reasons baby #3 is still just a maybe.

  2. So cute! We are totally worn out from spring sports. I liked soccer and basketball because they were 1, sometimes 2 hours / week. But tee ball. It’s one hour a week for our 3 year old (who is playing in a 4 year old league b/c I lied about his DOB to get him in). But our almost 6 year old has 2-3 games / week and it’s nuts… especially since my husband is the coach, and he’s out of town all the time, therefore leaving me with his coach-ly duties. June 2nd can’t come soon enough.

  3. We are drowning with five kids and activities. Sometimes we have to just be late or miss something. We talk to the older two about choosing activities and making priorities. We also consider each kid’s needs/interests and how much time and money is involved. As kids get older the time and financial commitment goes up!

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