Handy Andy

Lucky for me, Andy is pretty handy.  Now-a-days when we decide to do a house project, the question really isn’t Can he do it?, but rather Is it worth his time?  So for this recent project we decided he would paint the room and even go ahead and rip out the carpet and get it ready for the new floors.  Could he and his dad put in the new floors?  I have no doubt that they could do it and do a great job.  But that’s a task we are contracting out due to the time and effort it would take to do it on our own. 
So here are the recent photos of the paint job (not a big difference in the color) and the carpet rip-out.  Plus, you will see the “supervisor” observing.  Who would have thought that house projects would have been so entertaining?
One room ready, one to go.
The new floors will be  installed on May 21st…woo-hoo!



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