Spray Water Bottles – This Saturday’s Shout-Out

These will most likely be the most beloved item in the girls’ Easter baskets.  Spray water bottles.  Seriously.  I’ll never forget when I was on the phone with my BFF one day and she stated that her kids had been outside entertaining themselves for HOURS.  Say what?  “Invest in some spray water bottles!” she exclaimed.  Forget the tiny water guns you have to fill and refill and refill.  And forget the nuisance of handing over the hose.  Grab some large spray bottles and tell the kids to have a blast.
Well, last summer I did and could not believe how kids will spray everything for HOURS.  They’d “water the flowers and plants and trees and grass”.  They’d “wash the toys”.  They’d “give mommy’s legs a bath”.  The fun never ended.  Until they literally wore the bottles out last fall.  Already this spring while outside I’ve been asked, “Mom, where are our bottle sprayers?”
We only had three rules: 1) No spraying in anyone’s face 2) No spraying someone who didn’t want to be sprayed and 3) No spraying the patio “floor” – the stamped concrete gets slippery!
You still have a few hours to run out and get a couple for your Easter baskets…GO!  I’ve actually found the best ones at places like Big Lots, Family Dollar, etc.  The above are still hiding in my car until tomorrow morning and all 5 cost me $7 at Big Lots yesterday.

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