Recipe for the Dinner that No One Ate

The above photo has NOTHING to do with the pork roast.  She is just hilarious.  I think that’s why we are able to deal with her loud personality and overbearing attitude.
Yesterday, I happened to mention a crock pot pork roast that Andy and I loved.  It was a new recipe for us and you can find it by clicking HERE.  No picture yet.  I totally forgot that evening during the chaos of the meal.  But we’ll definitely be making it again, so I promise a photo in the future.  Just imagine pulled-pork for now.  That’s pretty much what it looks like.  It definitely wasn’t a “slicer” pork after soaking in all of those juices all afternoon.  We shredded it with a fork and served it over couscous with asparagus on the side.
Let me know if you try it and like it!  You really have the BFF to thank.  I probably would have totally missed out on this one if she hadn’t mentioned making it for her family.

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