New Home Office Part 2

Last week I started talking about our “formal living room” space and how we want to change it from a place we rarely use to a highly functional home office.  I showed some ideas I had, but no pictures of the actual space.  Well, today I have “before” photos.  I wanted to be sure to take those before embarking on the full project.  So imagine walking into my front door, stepping into the foyer and immediately turning right.  Here is what you would currently see in the front room:

So the first step was to figure out the placement of the soon-to-be-new desk area.  We had to figure out which wall it would go on before deciding what we want to purchase.  And I really wanted to keep the couch and chair.  Last weekend we ended up moving the couch in front of the windows and over the past week it’s grown on me more and more.  I really like seeing it as soon as I walk by the space.  So I think we have a winning layout!  The desk will be on two of the walls…under the stars and the portrait of me (sketched by my dad when I was 5).

This weekend we started thinking about flooring.  Many thanks to all of the people who gave me recommendations on Facebook.  Andy and I went out alone today for awhile and then even took an extra trip out to Lowe’s with the kids.  They cooperated long enough for us to find the sample below.  After bringing it home and putting it against the trim and the tile, we like the look of a darker color with a bit of black in it.  But no final decisions yet.

This week the focus will actually switch over to the furnace and AC unit.  Ours is 24 years old and getting replaced ASAP.  So we are in quote-gathering mode.  After that project is complete, we’ll be back for more on the home office.  One step at a time!  Stay tuned.

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