Eggplant Follow-Up

Earlier this month I mentioned my trip to Trader Joe’s and my discovery of their Eggplant Cutlets in THIS POST.  I am back to say that we ate some more of the box last night…and still yummy!

However, last night I didn’t have time to bake it in the oven.  It was a last-minute decision and we had already gotten home late.  I was making spaghetti, opened the freezer to get some meatballs and there was the box. 

So I read the directions and decided to try pan frying.  And I’m glad I did.  I just put a little EVOO (extra virgin olive oil…don’t you watch Rachel Ray?) in the skillet and plopped the frozen cutlets right in.  In the time it took to cook the pasta and heat the sauce, the cutlets were golden and crispy (flip halfway through).

Although they weren’t smothered in sauce, they were much crispier.  I added them on top of my spaghetti and yum, yum, yum!

If you have a Trader Joe’s nearby and you like eggplant parm…seriously, go get a box.  This is so easy it’s ridiculous.  And it added something new to our same old, same old boring pasta night.

And since some of you asked…

Locals – Our Trader Joe’s is in Kenwood just south of the mall on Montgomery Road.  Close to the Honeybaked Ham.  Looks as though there is also a location in Louisville and Indianapolis and one coming soon in Lexington.  Others can easily go HERE to locate a store near you.

Also, neither time during preparation did I defrost them first.  That was part of the beauty – just pull them out frozen and GO!


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  1. So glad you are enjoying these – next up – the penne arrabiata – 2-3 bags frozen plus one bag of baby spinach leaves and you have another dinner ready in under 15 minutes – in one pot, veggie included! Just add cheese.

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