Dear Kroger


FYI – Non-locals, Kroger is our “main stream” grocery chain…like a Publix, Piggly Wiggly, Albertson’s, or whatever is in your area, etc.
Dear Kroger,
Seriously?  I mean, SERIOUSLY?  I don’t know if you are trying to get back at me for shopping at two of your stores instead of being a loyal customer to only one location.  Or if it’s because of the enormous stack of coupons that I always have at your check-out (but you’re the one sending them and WOW do you know how I shop).  Or if it’s because of the recent $0.50 savings I’ve had at your gas pump (which only means I’ve spent way too much on groceries).  But, come on!  Why are you making life so hard on me? (Cue tiny violin, I’m sure.)
This store remodel situation is RIDICULOUS.  We already went through this a couple of years ago at the store right next to my neighborhood.  Remember the empty promises?  Ok, so we did get a Starbucks.  But you also promised other things like Boar’s Head in our deli.  And after months and months of “moving out the expected date” I was told a new decision was made that local clientele wouldn’t support it.  And that’s basically how I’ve been treated at that Kroger ever since…like a second-class citizen.  But I digress.
So that’s why I decided that unless I needed a quick stop for a gallon of milk, I’d drive right past that Kroger and do the majority of my shopping in Mason.  I usually love going there on Sunday mornings.  It’s not so bad even with the two youngest in tow.  And I’d finally been going there long enough to know exactly where everything was located.  After years of playing hide-and-seek for items on my list.  I finally got it.  Exact aisle and shelf locations. 
And now you go and do this?  It’s a busy mother’s worst nightmare.  Rearranging our grocery store.  A complete overhaul of where things are located, etc.  To make it easier?  Um, it would be easier if you PUT THINGS BACK.
So I’m guessing you did this for one of the following reasons:
You’re helping us with a weight-loss plan because most of us don’t have time to go to the gym.  We will now accomplish weight loss because either a) we’re never going to find the food in the first place or b) it will take running back and forth across the huge floor plan numerous times to locate items. 
Or maybe the moms (and the few dads) who shop alone all got together and asked for this and said they’d boycott without it.  In order to get MORE alone time since the shopping will now take twice as long for at least the next six months.  At which point they will begin petitioning for another remodel.  Damn them.
And the real kicker?  I ran into the store right by my house and you are doing the same thing there!  So now I don’t even have a fallback location.  I’m going to be lost and inefficient for months…something I don’t have the patience for. at. all.
Now, if you were like Kohl’s there would be no love lost.  See Kohl’s also remodeled a few weeks ago.  But as a valued customer, they warned me in an email…and sent me $10.  Then during the remodel, they sent another $10 email to make shopping happier during construction.  And now that the remodel is over, another $10 email to check out the new layout.  So learn a lesson from them…$30 makes me happy.  Kuddos to them for customer service.
Now that I’m overthinking this, it’s probably part of a bigger plan.  You know, from the man above.  Because while I’m at the grocery on Sunday morning, Andy’s at church with Stella.  And I’m, well, just praying I’ll get through our list without losing my cool or a kid. 
So maybe God is having the last laugh.  {Sigh}

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