Traveling With Toddlers…Again

As I’ve mentioned previously, traveling with toddlers is tricky. Especially when you are alone with them in the airport and on the plane. Especially when you have a thousand things to carry and your toddler (you know which one) has no patience, multiple tantrums, runs away, etc. I always feel the biggest sigh of relief after the bag is checked, the car seat is checked and we have made it through security and to the gate.

I could not travel without this backpack. It is from REI which is opening their first store in Cincinnati soon! It has water bottle holders that are big enough for 2 sippy cups on one side, places to clip our travel butterfly pillows, clips to attach little Dora purses that “I can’t carry anymore!”, lots of great storage inside, a nice front pocket, etc. and it is so comfortable on my back. I look like a nomad I’m sure! Plus I carry another tote bag that completely zips shut.

I also pack lots of snacks and surprises. Books and coloring books that have been ignored forever suddenly become new again. And I space out items throughout the whole trip. The dolls the girls are holding? “Brand new” hand-me-downs sent from a friend – her daughters didn’t play with them anymore. I waited until we were at the airport to come back home to get those out. Easily entertained them at the gate and now hopefully on the flight.

We had a great trip visiting my dad. Andy even joined us for part of the weekend. He came down a day after us and went home yesterday to pick up Henry who I think had an awesome time with his cousins in Louisville.

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  1. You are brave. That’s great you’re getting an REI. Love that store. I travel with my 2 in May solo, and it should be interesting. If we make it from here to Tampa (via Charlotte) with no one seeing my 3 year old’s junk, it will be a success… all other incidences are fair game.

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