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Mommies I’ve Been or Currently Am Include:

Prenatal Yoga and Water Aerobics Mommy-to-be
Non-medicated, Doula-using, Natural-birthing Mommy
Breast-feeding Mommy
Working Mommy
Crazy 3-kids-in-3-years Mommy
Hand-me-down-lovin’ Mommy
Minivan-driving Mommy
Soccer Mommy
Swim-lessons-count-as-bath-night Mommy
My-kid-is-a-biter Mommy
No Church Nursery = No Mass for Mommy
My-kid-just-said-DAMN IT Mommy
Wine Drinking Mommy (lots and red, please)

And the list goes on and on…

But I just added myself to another “great debate” category. I will be…wait for it…a PUBLIC SCHOOL mommy! Yep, it’s official…Stella is registered for kindergarten.

Andy and I were both raised Catholic and attended Catholic grade school. However, we live in an awesome public school district and despite levy issues, still decided to give it a chance. We have been extremely pleased with the events we’ve been to so far and with feedback from other parents with children in the school.

Boy time flies…kindergarten…seriously? Already??

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3 Responses to Put Me in Yet Another Mommy Category

  1. Wow, our lists are similar, minus one kid (only have 2). Congrats on the Kindy registration. How did you do? Our eldest just started this year and it’s been great (even if I cried the first week). It’s been amazing. Like you, we live in a really wonderful public school district and I can see that every day as I watch how much he learns. Hopefully your school will allow for a ton of parent interaction like ours.

  2. yep–we went the public school route too. we figured we would never save for college if we start paying tuition now. and ryan and i both did just fine in public school. i’m really so excited for june to start.

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