Laundry Room Re-Do Part 1

My house doesn’t have a pantry, but I’m blessed with an awesome laundry room.  When you come into the house from the garage you enter a small mudroom.  From there you can either go right into our kitchen or left into our laundry room.  I absolutely LOVE having the laundry on the first floor.

The problem with the laundry room is that it becomes a dumping ground for stuff that shouldn’t be in there.  Case in point…a coffee maker.  See it up there on the table?  Um, Andy got a Keurig for his birthday back in December.  The coffee maker has been sitting on that table since then.  Speaking of the table, I thought it would be so nice to have when we moved in that I asked for it when we bought the house…I’d fold laundry on it.  Um, never folded laundry on it.  But could probably be in the world-record book for most number of piles balanced on one table.

There are other issues with the room…a filing cabinet we haven’t touched since 2009.  Disorganized shelves, etc. 

So today I spent a majority of the day cleaning out, sorting and rearranging the laundry room.  It felt refreshing.  First thing to go…

…the table!  Andy’s working on an Ikea item to fill that spot…I. am. so. excited!  And you might be able to see some of the handled bins I bought for the shelves.  And I straightened the “curtain”.  Well, this area is over a crawl space and it stays freezing in the winter.  I keep meaning to buy an actual curtain (for about 3 years), but this blanket folded over has kept it much warmer the past few winters.  I did take the first steps by measuring the window today!

More to come as the project is completed.

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