Laundry Room Finale

If you’ve been around a week or two…you know it was time to clean out my laundry room.  To catch up, Part 1 of the process was HERE and my post on the IKEA shelves was HERE.  We finally finished up some things around the weekend and here are the last of the before/after shots:

Nice shelf to hold the iron (I use it twice a year)
and a canvas bin for all of the laundry bags.
I am happy to report that after sorting through it all yesterday,
90% the contents of the filing cabinet below,
the huge stack on top of it,
and the stack right next to it on the shredder 
will be headed to the shredding event
this weekend offered by our police department.

We picked up another IKEA shelf and
now I have space for my laundry baskets,
the girls boots that were scattered in the entry,
our “one-diaper-one-pull-up-wipes-and-snacks” bags for outings
and a few of my purses.

I promise to find a new “curtain”, but for now…project complete!

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  1. Wow, that looks great. What a huge laundry room! Ours is tiny – it’s just a passthrough from the garage to the house, which happens to hold our washer and dryer… and the dogs’ food and water… tight quarters. I love what you’ve done with yours to organize it and make it look so clean!

  2. I love it!!! Especially the wall color- it makes me drool a little! But, you know I can’t ignore that “curtain”. Seriously, if you buy fabric I will MAKE you a curtain! 🙂

  3. good lord, i need to work on our laundry area so i’m more willing to go down there. i’m not sure there’s any hope for it. yours looks great!

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