Just Cool It

There are so many things going on right now that it’s hard to juggle it all.  Almost like the crazy and devestating storms that were nearby on Friday sent my world a bit out of kilter.  I’ll just ask for comforting thoughts for a friend and healing thoughts for a relative.  And lots of prayers for those that had their entire lives flattened by the tornadoes.
We went to dinner last night with my aunt and uncle.  It was a great, family friendly restaurant (meaning LOUD).  The waitress quickly brought drinks and snacks and got the kids’ orders into the kitchen as fast as she could.  And then…the food came.  And it was HOT.  There’s nothing worse than a “starving” child sitting and looking at food he/she can’t touch.  This is one time I’d rather it sit back there instead of speedy delivery.  Lukewarm would be just fine.  Does this peeve anyone else???
More tomorrow (I’ll even throw in a picture) when the cobwebs disappear from my brain.  Hope everyone had a great weekend!


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