Ikea – This Saturday’s Shout-Out

So, I started to tell y’all about the laundry room yesterday.  And the biggest thing was removing the table and creating space for this:

We had some pretty awful storms near and around us last night.  The only good thing that came out of them was the fact that Andy’s office closed at 3:30 to make sure people could make it home safely.  His office is right next to Ikea so I looked up the aisle/bin number from home and he was in and out of there within 10 minutes before heading home.
I LOVE it!
Since it wasn’t replacing any actual storage, it created tons of it!  It allowed me to move all of the kids’ craft supplies out of the kitchen and organize it better.  I got a few bins from Walmart (still haven’t been in a Target) and felt like a kid in a candy store getting everything in its place last night.  Sitting on top of the shelf is the “mail station” – where I can finally organize all of the artwork that goes out the door to the out-of-town grandparents.  This frees up some space on the desk.
In the other half of the shelf, I was able to move the games and puzzles that didn’t have a real home and were always too high for the kids to reach.  The bottom shelves have some of our outdoor toys and bike helmets.  On top, the swim lesson bag.

So, Ikea came through for us again.  We have used a lot of their stuff throughout our house.  Totally helps that the store is only 3.4 miles door-to-door.  With it that close, you would think I went there often, but not really. 

There’s probably one more laundry room post before it’s all finished.  Tonight Andy’s putting up another shelf and then the project should be complete!

Cost so far: Ikea cube shelving unit ($69.99) and Walmart storage containers ($35).

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  1. looks great! I love that you sent Andy to IKEA right before the storms came through – nice! Organizational goals met? Husband swept away in storm? So something I would do!

  2. Ack! I’ve been dying to go to Ikea, and this just makes me want to worse! You’re so good at this stuff. Can I hire you to do organize-y and crafty stuff around my house. Please, please, please!!!???

    Ahem. Sorry about that. I usually try to keep my begging to myself. Anyway, the shelf looks awesome. I’m wicked jealous of your mad skillz. 🙂

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