Top 10 Reasons We Still Love Green Bean Delivery

We are still getting our produce delivered weekly from the Green Bean Delivery service.  We started this last March and after almost a year of “trying it out”…I’m hooked! 

And here is why:
1. It comes straight to my door once a week.
2. Although there are recommendations, I get to customize my order every week.
3. My kids get excited to see the green bin on the front porch.
4. It’s helped me easily try new Pinterest recipes such as the “Best Broccoli of Your Life” shown below. 

5. Did I mention it arrives on my door step??

6. My kids eat way more fresh fruit than ever before.  Almost to a detriment since they are now “fruit-cup-snobs” and will not touch one while at home.
7. It’s made us try new things I wouldn’t normally pick out at the grocery store: mango, papaya, different oranges and apples.

8. We are cooking with way more garlic, onions, and mushrooms than ever before and things are just tastier!
9. I am happy to be supporting local and non-local farmers.
Click HERE for the Twice-Baked Potato recipe and HERE for the Roasted Broccoli and Cauliflower recipe.
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3 Responses to Top 10 Reasons We Still Love Green Bean Delivery

  1. I NEED to look into such a service. We get our milk delivered, and they’ve started a produce delivery as well, but the sample delivery we got was not that impressive. I’m going to research my options — thanks for the inspiration! I roasted some cauliflower last week (a WW recipe with soy sauce and some sugar and such for a marinade) — YUM!!!

  2. One of the bad things about living in a small town is the lack of delivery services. I am so jealous! It would be so awesome to have milk or produce delivered, especially given my disability.

    I’m going to have to try out that broccoli recipe. My kids and I are huge broccoli fans.

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