An Interview With Stella


A couple of days ago I promised an interview with Stella, currently 4.5 years old.
This post was inspired by June and Bear.

What are you good at doing?
I’m good at writing rhyming words
(see above, this is a new past-time)
What do you like about yourself?
You know (with a smirk), watching TV
(I think by limiting the TV we’ve created an obsessed monster!)
What makes you happy?
Eating dessert
What’s your favorite book?
Dora Saves the Snow Princess
(really? not even a recent read)
What’s your favorite TV show?
(Neverland Pirates is definitely a favorite)
What’s your favorite movie?
(and we watch it over and over and over on the DVR)
What’s your favorite food?
(amen, sister)
What’s your favorite toy?
My barbies
(fairy barbies and ballerina barbies)
What are you afraid of?
What do you like about daddy?
Tickling him
What do you like about mommy?
Snuggling in bed
What do you like about Charlotte?
That she can sleep in panties without a pull-up
(recent accomplishment that lasted 3 nights)
What do you like about Henry?
That he says “Stella!”
(and he does!)
Where’s your favorite place to go?
Anna’s house for a playdate with her and Ashley
(where she was the night before!)
What do you like about being a kid?
Being crazy
What’s your favorite animal?
What nice thing do you do for others?
Make a funny face for them if they’re sad
What would you do with $100?
Buy a TV so I could live with it with my house
What new thing would you like to try this year?
Try to go skating…in the summer…NOT on ice…holding your hand
What kind of lies do you tell?
(Throws her hands out to say STOP and looks distraught)
I DON’T like that question
What makes a person pretty?
A dress and a pretty bow
What will you be doing in 10 years?
I’ll be a cowgirl
What are you going to be when you grow up?


3 Responses to An Interview With Stella

  1. i love these! i was going to ask you to be a part of my series and now you’ve already done it. i can’t believe she said hairbow too. and cowgirl huh?

  2. What a little love! How sweet are her answers??? Love this! I need to try this seperately with my girls. I have a thing similar to this for a fathers day gift that maybe this year I can complete in time if I start now!! Will share with you the project too. Btw – Molly wants to be one of santas elves when she grows up! Guess she will be living with me part of the year based on what that job will pay! LOL

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