I Weep for Our Future Due to Helicopter Parents


I TOTALLY understand that this just might be me in the future.  But I am writing this now so that I can come back to it and realize how someday I’ll just need to LET GO as a mother and let my kids take some responsibility of their own when they become legal adults.  My little brother is in college right now and I probably am too much of a helicopter sister already.  Eek! 
True Story.  From today.  (If you are my FB friend, sorry for the retelling of said true story.)
I went to lunch today with my mentee from Xavier.  She’s a great gal.  We were near campus and happened to be sitting at a table right next to another XU student and her mentor or professor.  I could not help but overhear the conversation next to us due to the proximity of the tables.
Every question she started with “My mom wanted me to ask…” or “My mom would like to know…”  or “Should I tell my mom…”  Every question.  Seriously?  Seriously.
And these were questions about her degree and the classes she was taking, etc.  Like “My mom wants to know what if I’d like to take Sign Language?”  “My mom wants to know what if I decide later that I want that minor after all.”  True questions.  WTH?  THINK FOR YOURSELF.  Don’t put “mommy” in the questions.
Please don’t let me be a helicopter mom…I hope my kids can stand on their own someday.  Or at least reword the questions I’ve sent them with!!  Ha.

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