Dear Target…

Dear Target,
Our relationship has been quite a roller coaster ride.  See, I neglected you for oh so many years.  At first you were too upscale for me.  I was in college and poor.  And Wal-Mart was more my price point.  I only bought true necessities back then.  And you were filled with frivolous items I just didn’t need.  You didn’t even carry food!
And then we moved to Birmingham and they built a for-real Target super-store.  (Still nothing compares up here…not even the new Hunt Rd one)  You tugged at me and kept me returning for item after item.  And I still haven’t found a replacement for your fresh scallops.  I had converted.  Wal-Mart and I broke up.
And then we moved back to Cincinnati.  And once again, I wasn’t so impressed by the Targets here…at first.  Not sure when the turning point occurred, but one day I woke up hooked.  I think it was mainly due to the fact that one of your stores is right by work.  And it’s oh so convenient to browse during my lunch hour.  And I was no longer a poor college student.
And now, sometimes, (true confession) I’ll visit multiple Targets around town within a week.  Who does that???
Your dollar bin?  You should really just accept my $20 as soon as I walk up to it.
Your holiday placemats for the littles?  Always adorable.  I recently collected them over a course of a year and gave them as a birthday gift for a 1-year old.
Your clothing?  I love some of your t-shirts, necessities (bras!), etc.  And your holiday shirts are too cute for adults.
Your kids’ clothing?  I’ve gotten great deals on clearance.
Your sales?  Often you just can’t beat your ad prices.  Even at Wal-Mart.
And the list goes on and on…
But alas, I now have no will-power against you.  So I’ve been contemplating giving you up.  Just for awhile.  See, just today, I ran in for a quick minute to see about a picture frame (Pinterest idea coming soon!), and before I knew it…I left spending $109.33 and NO picture frame.  Ugh.
Did I get some deals?  Oh yes!  Did I really need it?  Nah.  So I think it’s truly time for a break.  I’ll miss you old friend…
** In case you need toys for upcoming birthdays, Easter, Christmas, or even 2-3 years from now (not admitting I bought Henry something for when he’s like 4 or 5)…Target is having their toy sale.  30-50% off aisles of items.  Happy hunting!  In Norwood they had tons of legos, Squinkies, Strawberry Shortcake, play tents and tunnels, Olivia, Thomas the Train, Cars, Hot Wheels, etc.  Here’s some of what I got…the highlights!
All photos are from Amazon and I actually compared prices on my iPad while in Target to the Amazon website to make sure I wasn’t a complete fool.  This made me put back 4-5 items that I could get on Amazon for same “discounted” Target price.
First up, Imaginext Advent Calendar.  Cute gift I’ll be giving my nephews and the neighbor boys next December.  Originally $19.99, Amazon $16, Target sale = $9.98.  They also had the Legos Star Wars one – originally $40 on sale for $28.
Next was a plush Clifford.  Henry LOVES dogs and saying “Woof!” And he also really likes Clifford when the girls watch it.  So I found this 19 inch plush on sale for $13.98…orginally $20 and over $40 on Amazon.  I think Clifford might be the only thing in Henry’s Easter basket this year, but he’ll LOVE it.
And then the Thomas Tent.  Someday I’m sure Henry will love this.  Especially for $8.98.  I’ve never seen them less than $30 (original and Amazon).
Finally, a little something for Charlotte’s upcoming birthday.  A mini wagon for her babies.  An outdoor toy (sorry honey).  Originally $25, on sale for $17, on Amazon for $60 in pink and $25 in red.
So, how many days do you think I can stay out of Target? 
Any guesses?

5 Responses to Dear Target…

  1. LOL!!!! Oh how I can relate! I walk into Target (I can insert a few other stores here too) with a plan to buy one thing and walk out $150 later without it…

    We are your newest followers:)

  2. Good ol’ Tarjay just got me last nite.
    Went in for some school supplies with my 15yo son….
    walked out $113 poorer.

    And no, it wasnt all school supplies!

    I was however the proud new owner of a candle, even though I dont remember even needing one, and I cant even remember what the heck the rest of the $113 I spent went to right now….

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