Boy Clothes are UGLY & Anderson Cooper…wtf??

Today I was home with a sick kid.  Charlotte was running a 103.5 fever and feeling yucky (sounds high, but my kids run even higher at times…sadly I don’t flinch until we start showing 104/105).  And the cleaning lady was coming.  What to do?  Well, the cleaning lady comes in sickness and in health, so at 7:30 she arrived.  Therefore, Charlotte and I camped out in the basement all morning.  Reading books, playing restaurant and watching princess movies.  And the storage area just screamed to me, “HELP!”  So I also went through a lifetime bunch of kids’ clothes.  If you were here for the Cookie Exchange, you saw it and you know the mess I’m referring to.  I so wish I had a before picture, but…sigh.  So here’s the “in process” photos.

I know I’ve written about hand-me-downs before and even organization around the whole process and how frugal me loves it all (but I’m too tired to hunt that post down for a link if you don’t remember it).  We are extremely fortunate to receive hand-me-downs and I also had kept a few infant items just-in-case there was a baby #4 accident.  But now that there will be no accident, it was time to clear those bins as well.  But some items I just couldn’t part with.  So I’m having Hitched and Stitched make me three baby quilts with those clothes – 2 girls and 1 boy…for each kid in the future.

The boy hand-me-downs were out of control.  Because the main giver-boy is now in grade school.  So I was rummaging through 24-month, 2T, 3T, 4T, and 5T.  And an entire of bin of shoes.  And I love this kid and his mom and she and I have discussed this…what’s with these boy clothes?  After having 2 girls, these boy clothes are DEPRESSING. 

Gone are the pinks and purples and even the light greens, oranges, baby blues.  Gone are the butterflies, flowers, fairies, princesses, and hearts.  Hello dinosaurs, dump trucks, footballs, and superheroes.  In dark blues, reds, and greys.  And I’m not even a frilly girly-girl. 

So that’s how I spent my day between being served play food and taking breaks to read a story (and checking emails and voicemails during the times that the power was actually on…oh yes, the one day I’m home with a sick kid is when the power went off every 30 minutes).  I accomplished a TON.  See…

And I digress to say, Anderson Cooper, WTF?  Yes, I will fall into the trap of media previews.  Yes, I saw “Are Stay-at-Home Moms Lazy?” and my eyes bugged out.  Yes, I’m disappointed in the headline.  Yes, I’m bummed Anderson Cooper is using that tagline to promote tomorrow’s show.  And yes, I am DVR-ing it in order to properly comment later.

No I do NOT think SAHMs are lazy.  Actually, I’m often probably quite lazy when I sit down at my cubicle in the morning and slowly drink my chai tea and skim work emails and industry headlines.  I used to hit-the-ground-running by 7:45.  Dive right into thought-provoking tasks and decisions.  Now it takes a good 30 lazy minutes to get up and going in the office…if not longer.  So I’m a WOHM and I’m LAZY…

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  1. way to be productive! and I’m glad you mentioned the Anderson Cooper show- that fascinates me and I’d love to see it… it’s now set to record. thanks for the heads up!

  2. i’m pretty laid back about fevers too, but 103 is when i start watching pretty closely. no doctor until 104 though. and i don’t mind boy clothes. i’m not really a red person, so i go for the blues, grays, and oranges. doesn’t hurt that bear loves superheroes and old navy has the quite collection of those tees.

  3. Another reason to dislike Anderson Cooper – just not a fan of him. He must be hungry for viewers to go for such an inflammatory topic. So, I’m not viewing! Actually, I’m a day late – you know, home being lazy! Amazed at what you got down – I know it felt good to complete all of that!
    Hope C is doing better and all those sheets stayed clean!

  4. Saw your blog from the SITS beginner list. I dvr’d that Anderson Cooper show! I don’t usually watch that show but I saw the topic for that day and thought wtf as well!!

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