#1 Reason to be on Twitter Monday Nights…Bachelor Tweets

I have watched the Bachelor in the past, but I am a non-loyal fan.  I’ve watched a few seasons, but not all of them.  I generally watch it on the DVR the next morning on the treadmill.  And let’s just say the treadmill has been used more for collecting dust lately then for exercise.  Hence, no Bachelor this season.  I do have the entire season on the DVR just waiting to be watched.  But now I’m so far behind I’m not sure I’ll even start it. 
What I am doing Monday nights, however, is reading Jennifer Weiner’s tweets about the show.  She.Is.Hysterical.  Yes, like THE New York Times Bestselling Author Jennifer.  Her.  She live-tweets every Monday night the play-by-play of the Bachelor with added commentary.  And her comments should make you laugh out loud (almost as much as the answers on her FAQ page).
So now the show itself really isn’t necessary.  I get complete fulfillment from checking her tweets while reading a GOOD book IN BED.  (Catch that?  No?  She wrote Good in Bed.  Come on, keep up!)
So check out @JenniferWeiner on Twitter Monday nights whether you like or hate the show.  Either way, it’s a good laugh.  Last week she held a drinking game for all of the dialogue that sounded like porn.  I’d hate to have seen her Tuesday morning!
In other family news:
This little guy has to see an ENT Friday
to discuss whether or not he needs tubes.
Our neighbors returned to us the papasan chair they borrowed.
This crazy girl has been snuggling with her babies in it.
“They sick and I take care of them.”
She is “weigh” over the weight limit.
And I am copying an idea from June and Bear.
Later this week you’ll see my interview with Stella.
The answers definitely tell her age.



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  1. Tricia – you would probably also enjoy ihategreenbeans.com. She “recaps” the show and it is funnier than actually watching the show…It is my Tuesday lunchtime guilty pleasure to read each week! I’m going to check out the tweets too…getting on Twitter is one of my 2012 goals! 🙂

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