Teacher Gifts

Having 3 kids in daycare also means having 3 kids with teachers.  And each of them currently has 2 teachers.  And then there are the directors and the piano teacher and the reading teacher and the list goes on and on.  Teacher gifts can add up quickly around the holidays. 

This year I came across a new yummy recipe – Crispix S’mores Mix thanks to www.modhousewife.com.  This yummy treat was brought to book club one night and we all munched and munched and munched.  It was super simple to duplicate and I ended up making 3 batches of it last night between other to-dos.  I’ve added it to the recipe blog HERE.

(I digress, but if you venture to the recipe blog you may also notice the Bacon Brittle I posted as well – pictured below.  Another addition due to ModHousewife.  Next up, I’m trying her Gooey Butter Cookies.  They were a hit at the Cookie Exchange and I hope I can duplicate them.  To get other recipes from her, read her blog or follow it on Facebook HERE.)

So back to the Teacher Gifts.  I made up the Crispix Mix, some brownies, and the Sugary Gingerbread Oat Chews.  Then I distributed them into holiday treat bags I picked up at Target.  The girls spotted some cute holiday boxes at Michael’s and we got one for each teacher.  In went the treats and a Starbucks gift card along with cards the girls made.  We also packed some up for the pediatrician (um yes, Henry went for 15-month check up and again left with double ear infection diagnosis…how do we not realize this???) and the eye doctor (had to thank them for our breakfast with Santa).  Stella and I delivered goodies most of the morning and she loved it.

Do you have to/choose to do teacher gifts? 
What do you give?
I’ve seen lots of great ideas pinned on Pinterest!

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