Rudolph the Red-Nosed Rein-beer

Have a beer-lover or root beer-lover to buy a gift for this season?

This gift is so fun to give. And it’s super simple to create. So simple that your 4-year old can help. And it’s a craft!

Just be warned that if the daycare director asks that 4-year old what “you and mom” have been doing all day when you go to pick up the other children…there is a chance that this is what the 4-year old remembers: “a craft with my daddy’s beer” and NOT baking cookies, reindeer ornament crafts, hand print Christmas tree crafts, picking out presents, etc.

We took this gift to Andy’s dad over the weekend. Even Henry liked the look.

And we probably let him play with the bottle a little too long. But he had been playing with this first, so we thought the beer was an upgrade:

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